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Executive Directors

Meet the Neurodiversity Ambassadors

Bokyung Park (Nina)


Working closely with special education schools and music ensembles for autistic children all her life, Nina founded NDA to provide a platform for high schoolers like her to stand up for people with neurodiversity. Especially after the period of isolation caused by COVID-19, Nina hopes to bring educational and recreational opportunities back to neurodiverse youth through NDA. In her freetime, Nina loves to play music, learn languages and write in her journal. She has also lived in 3 different countries and loves to travel and explore. Ultimately, Nina hopes to contribute in making a world where neurodiversy is truly embraced and respected as a diversity, rather than a defect.


Vivian Dong

Vice President/Trustee

Keenly aware of the disadvantages neurodivergent people face in their daily lives and the one-box-fits-all system of education that simply doesn’t accommodate the unique circumstances of neurodivergent students, Vivian helped create NDA to raise awareness for neurodiversity. Using her position as Vice President, Vivian hopes she can create a more welcoming community for neurodivergent people to learn, socialize, and try new things. In her free time, Vivian loves to dance, play music, and make art, and she hopes she can spread these joys to the neurodiverse.

6509C37A-C38C-40E9-B294-E628373BE672 - Devansh Mohan Malik.jpeg

Devansh Malik

California Chapter Executive Director/Newsletter Team/Trustee

For a long time, Devansh has always yearned to spread awareness about causes that he believes are important. Devansh joined NDA to be apart of an initiative to create a better world for the communities and people around us, especially those in our community who have neurodiverse circumstances. Devansh hopes to help spread more about the cause of neurodiversity and make a positive impact in our communities. In his free-time, Devansh loves to take up his other roles in extra-curricular activities that he partakes in. Along with that, Devansh spent most of his life till now living in India. Devansh hopes to create a positive impact around the world and make the world a better place for those who have neurodiverse circumstances!

Eunice Jaeryoung Lim

IMG_7070 - Lim Eunice.jpg

Korea Chapter Co-Executive Director/Trustee

Although Eunice herself may not fall under the category of neurodiversity, she is aware of the struggles neurodivergent people must have to experience in their daily lives and has met people who are. Through NDA, Eunice hopes to better understand neurodivergent people and help them as much as she can. She can't wait to be a part of contributing to various activities to make this world into a more welcoming place for neurodivergent people to live in and raising awareness on neurodiversity among people as well. Aside from this, Eunice enjoys taking pictures, watching movies, listening to music, and spending time with her friends and family. As a person who loves traveling, she also enjoys meeting new people and getting to know them. Starting with this one organization, in the future Eunice hopes to further spread greater influence to the society and the world regarding neurodiversity!

IMG_6081 - David Yi.jpg

David Yi

Bridgewater (NJ) Chapter Executive Director/PR Manager/Trustee

Introduced to the program by a friend, David has found an interest in helping neurodiverse peoples and spreading awareness. He hopes through his various skills he can help his community around him. Outside of studies, he enjoys playing Ice Hockey and playing the Cello. Meeting new people and making friends and memories are somethings he values. David wishes he can benefit the people around him to the most he can.

IMG-20230615-WA0002 - Tara Lall (1).jpg

Tara Lall

Costa Rica Chapter Executive Director/Media Team

Joining the cause of neurodiversity, Tara aims to spread awareness and create more inclusive education worldwide. Tara comes from India and Belgium, having lived in both and now is a part of the UWC mission in Costa Rica. She enjoys literature and history as well as theatrics, and is inspired to share these areas of knowledge through new lenses with as diverse a group as possible.

IMG_5548 - hannah biggins.JPG

Hannah Biggins

Los-Angeles (Harvard-Westlake) Chapter Executive Director

Hannah is a dedicated volunteer working with children on the autism spectrum. She loves to play the cello and golf in her free time. A fun fact about her is that she got two hole-in-one's her second year of playing golf! Hannah combines her volunteering services with her musical and athletic experience to enrich the lives of those in need. She strives to spread awareness about neurodiversity in her communities at school and throughout LA!

F426FC80-4D7F-4FC0-85D7-54901D3000E3 - Grace Leavitt.jpeg

Grace Leavitt

El Salvador Chapter Executive Director/Graphic Designer

Grace has been moving all her life; she has lived in 7 countries all around the world, and has met many different kinds of people all throughout that time! Because she has experienced so many different cultures, she has also observed the stigma surrounding neurodivergence that is embedded in many cultures. By establishing the El Salvador chapter of Neurodiversity Ambassadors, she hopes to shed some light on neurodivergence to her peers. During Grace’s leisure time, she likes to paint, draw and listen to music. Grace hopes that by spreading awareness about neurodiversity, she can make this world an easier world to live in for those of neurodivergence.


Ayush Shrivastava

Princeton (NJ) Chapter Executive Director

Ayush joined the Neurodiversity Ambassadors to learn more about neurodiversity, create software that fellow ambassadors can use to teach, and contribute to website management. In his free time, Ayush likes to play pickle ball, listen to music (Nirvana, Dire Straits, Mac Miller, A Tribe Called Quest, and more), and program. He is also interested in microbiology and genetics.

ew_its_me - H C.jpg

Hanna Chee

Basking Ridge (NJ) Chapter Executive Director

With a desire to promote equal opportunity and inclusion, Hanna hopes that she can make a positive impact in the neurodiverse community. Hanna has a passion for music, and she enjoys playing the violin and reading webtoons in her free time. She is very excited to join NDA, and she hopes that she can work together with the other members to make a difference in the world.

Public Relations Managers

Meet the Neurodiversity Ambassadors

IMG_1798 - Alyssa Kim.JPG

Alyssa Kim

Secretary/Basking Ridge PR Manager

Fueled by her love of community, Alyssa joined NDA this year in order to continue her commitment to give back to the people closest to her. Alyssa is a committed dancer and loves to give back to the community through dance. Prior to joining NDA, she taught dance classes for Neurodiversity at Ridge High School. In her free time she loves to read, run, and of course, dance! Alyssa strives to create a comfortable and safe environment for individuals who need more representation!

IMG_4157 - Nina frog.png

Nina Le Van

California PR Manager

Drawn by the mission of the board, Nina joined NDA to have a beneficial affect on her community. In their freetime, Nina loves to make art, read, and play video games with her friends. She loves to travel to new places with their family and has lived in 3 different continents! Nina hopes to make society an incredible place for everyone, especially those who are underrepresented or disrespected because of where they lie on the neurodiversity spectrum.


Ashley Seo

Bridgewater PR Manager/Podcast Team

I joined NDA to help others and add to the positive environment! In my free time, I like to listen to music and spend my time baking. I hopes to be able to bring on a great environment for everyone, hoping to bring us all together.

Media Team

Meet the Neurodiversity Ambassadors

yujin_headshot - Yujin Ha.jpg

Yujin Ha

Director of Podcast/Trustee

A firm believer in equal representation, Yujin joined NDA in order to spread information about neurodiversity to the public. She is currently a junior at Ridge High School, and is a member of several musical groups, including the Bernards Ensemble, a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving those in assisted living facilities. Through her experiences with music, she hopes to bring light to neurodiverse community. In her spare time, Yujin enjoys reading good books and baking for friends and family.

IMG_0148 - Angie Yang.jpg

Angelina Yang

Co-Director of Social Media

Always pushing to help the community around her, Angie is excited and grateful to be a part of the Neurodiversity Ambassadors. She has a deep passion for music and the outdoors. Angie dreams of traveling the world and meeting people along the way to hear their stories. Through the Neurodiversity Ambassadors, she hopes to fight the stigma surrounding neurodiversity and help build the steps to an accepting community for all.

IMG_6456 - Varshini Thirunavukkarasu.jpg

Varshini Thirunavukkarasu

Co-Director of Social Media

As the Director of Social Media, Varshini is passionate in the marketing aspect of the organization and she is dedicated to spreading awareness about neurodiversity to help create a better world for neurodiverse individuals. In her free time, she likes to go out with her family, travel and as a foodie, she enjoys the delicacies of different cultures. Having lived in Singapore, for 13 years of her life before her journey to the United States, she is very open-minded and easily adaptable to new situations. She is passionate to help others through this organization, to broaden their minds, to come out of their shell, and create a world that presents equal opportunities for everyone.

Screen Shot 2022-10-15 at 9.41.07 PM - Grace Tan.png

Grace Tan

Graphic Designer

Grace hopes to increase awareness about neurodiversity and contribute to her community by joining NDA. In her free time, Grace enjoys drawing, running, and coding. She looks forward to working with her peers to make a world a more understanding and welcoming place for neurodiverse people.

B15BB893-084E-4E73-98E0-A1B17401664B - Susan Liu.jpeg

Susan Liu

Graphic Designer

After meeting and befriending neurodivergent folks from around the world and bonding with them through art, Susan is driven to use her artistic skills to spread information on the neurodivergent experience. In her free time, she enjoys drawing, reading about current events, and playing video games.

FED6E13E-73A4-4528-B6AA-F0CDCB4C0723 - Valentina Montesinos.jpeg

Valentina Montesinos

Social Media Team

Wanting to help others, Valentina joined NDA with the hopes of sharing the truth about neurodiversity. In her freetime, Valentina likes watching her favorite shows and spending time with her dog. Valentina also loves to travel to new places and learn more about the world. For these reasons, she is very excited be part of this amazing organization and reach people from all over the world.

IMG_9729 - Aarohi Gami.JPG

Aarohi Gami

Podcast Team

Hoping to spread more information about neurodivergence and driven by a passion for writing, Aarohi hopes that both will shine through the work they do for NDA. Outside of school, they love to read, listen to music, and write as often as they can. Aarohi hopes that their work for the organization will have a real positive impact on the people around them.


Cami Pérez

Social Media Team

Excited to be joining NDA, Cami is determined to work hard in order to create a society that is more inclusive to everyone. In her free time, Cami loves to listen to all types of music and spend time with her friends and family. She’s excited to be able to be a part of such a wonderful organization.

IMG_3246 - Vienna Li (1).jpg

Vienna Li

Podcast Team

As a podcast host for Neurodiversity Ambassadors, Vienna is excited to use her voice to raise awareness about neurodiversity and create a more welcoming world for neurodiverse individuals. She hopes that the stories shared through the podcast will shed light on neurodiversity and its effect on people from various backgrounds. In her free time, Vienna enjoys playing music, reading, and exploring the great outdoors.

Screenshot 2023-06-23 1.04.00 AM.png

Alexis Monterroso

Podcast Team

Alexis is really motivated to help out with the Neurodiversity Ambassador's podcast team. Having ADHD provides him with a special perspective on neurodiversity and he think it’s serving with the organization is a great way to not only raise awareness about the importance of neurodiversity to the public, but also to help neurodiverse people have new opportunities to explore and follow their passion. 

me w bag - SKANDA ൱ (1).JPG

Skanda Arvind

Podcast Team

Skanda feels that it is necessary to spread awareness about the cause of neurodiversity and aims to make people who are neurodivergent feel more comfortable in spaces they typically do not. In his freetime, he enjoys singing Indian classical music, decorating his journal, and listening to songs of a variety of genres. As a second generation immigrant, Skanda is adaptable to changes and is passionate about celebrating and appreciating diversity. Through Neurodiversity Ambassadors, Skanda hopes to help build a more connected, accepting, and open-minded community for all.

20230625_130547 - jade lee.jpg

Jade Lee

Podcast Casting Director

Actively seeking ways to give back to different communities, Jade hopes to create a loving and accepting environment for everyone through NDA. She also hopes that with her efforts in the Media Team, she will help further enhance what the NDA stands for. During her breaks, she enjoys reading works from different cultures, translating, and watching reality TV shows.

IMG_4023 - Chloe Zhu.jpeg

Chloe Zhu

Social Media Team

Chloe has always liked the idea of working with children, especially when it comes to education. She’s always been accepting and willing to help. In her free time, she enjoys playing volleyball and learning about niche facts. When it comes to impacting the lives of others, Chloe strives to help and make a change for the better.

IMG_2875 - Aishani Mandalia.jpeg

Aishani Mandalia

Social Media Team

Aishani has always been interested in giving back to her community and others. When she was introduced to Neurodiversity Ambassadors, she felt that this was the perfect opportunity. She enjoys singing and participates in her choir program in her high school. She also loves to spend time with young children, occasionally pulling time out of her day just to do so. Through Neurodiversity Ambassadors she hopes to fulfill her newfound dream of helping others.

Curriculum Developing Team

Meet the Neurodiversity Ambassadors

unnamed (3) - Alice Yang.jpg

Alice Yang

Director of Curriculum Developing

Having taught and created curriculums for young children for some time, Alice gladly accepted a new opportunity to work with the neurodivergent and introduce them to the wonders of music. She hopes to spread her love of music to her community and encourage everyone to support one another. In her free time, Alice enjoys playing music, reading memoirs, and making sushi in her family-owned restaurant.

57223FF2-EBE1-4E94-8E74-95291392DE23 - 정윤.jpeg

Celina Jeongyoon Tae

Curriculum Developing Team

Hello, I am Celina who is currently in 11th grade at Kent Foreign School in Korea. The reason why I applied for this club is that after watching a drama called Woo Young-woo, a strange lawyer, I realized that it is important to recognize the difference caused by differences in brain nerves as diversity. I will do my best to become a necessary member of the club! Thank ya!

B60C1BDA-807B-40AC-97F3-35BC98C07317 - Leena Mathai.png

Leena Mathai

Curriculum Developing Team

Leena along with the rest of the team truly believes in teaching about Neurodiversity. In her free time she loves to bake and spend time a home watching movies with her family. Leena hopes her effort as a part of this team will change even one persons life and help many more.

52A4F14D-4B1C-43FA-9F8D-2021A2C59813 - Emily Kang.jpeg

Emily Minseo Kang

Curriculum Developing Team

Emily is a high school junior passionate about helping others and her community. She is a part of founding NDA with her friends to spread awareness of Neurodiversity in hopes to help and create a more inclusive community. Emily likes to play the piano, read books, solve jigsaw puzzles, and hang out with her friends. She can speak Korean and English fluently and also loves learning new languages. Emily would love to continue to make further contributions along with her fellow members to reach the goals of NDA!

IMG_6954 - Bilge Yasar.jpg

Nazli Bilge Yasar

Curriculum Developing Team

Having travelled to many countries and met different people, Bilge is driven by the need of equal opportunity. For leisure, Bilge loves skiing, playing the violin, and watching movies. She has lived in Turkey, Switzerland, and the U.S, and will possibly move again. Being used to change, she wants fair education and fair social opportunities for people with different neurodiverse circumstances, and thus leading her to be a member in NDA.

School_Photo - Camille Xu.png

Camille Xu

Curriculum Developing Team

Wanting to help make this world a more understanding and aware place, Camille joined the NDA in order to spread awareness and bring attention to neurodiversity and how it affects people all around the world. Camille loves to create art, learn music, and read in her free time with the addition of teaching others new languages! Camille hopes that with her joining, she can help NDA help those who are underrepresented due to neurodiverse circumstances to explore new areas like art, music, and language!

General Members

Meet the Neurodiversity Ambassadors


Joie Kuo


Joie is a high school sophomore at Bridgewater-Raritan High School who believes in increasing neurodiversity awareness. She is part of a couple of music groups such as the Bernards Ensemble, a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving those in assisted living facilities. She also serves in the children’s ministry at her church and ESL program as a teacher’s assistant. Outside of her academic and music studies, she enjoys listening to music and eating good food.

CharlotteLiu_NDA - Charlotte Liu.png

Charlotte Liu


Charlotte joined NDA to raise awareness about neurodiversity. She is passionate about creating an inclusive community and hopes to spread more information about the cause. Over the past few years, she has enjoyed working and teaching young kids. Charlotte spends her free time playing the clarinet, fencing, making origami, learning math, coding, and solving Rubik's Cubes. Charlotte looks forward to working with NDA to benefit the community around her!

171f6ec1-f653-4447-82c3-0fd8813b0b38 - Sanjana Murali.jpeg

Sanjana Murali

General Member

Sanjana is a sophomore at Ridge High School and would like to be a child psychiatrist when she grows up. She is a certified PEC mentor for neurodiverse kids, is a volunteer at Children’s Specialized Hospital, and teaches private viola lessons for elementary schoolers. In addition to her interest in working with kids, she is also principal violist for RHS Chamber Orchestra, holds a 3rd Degree black belt in taekwondo, and likes to draw as a hobby.

891A6729-4383-4C19-97B3-4374DB8CDAC3 - Jennifer.jpeg

Jennifer Ni


Feeling fortunate for the opportunity as a member of NDA with her peers, JenNi looks forward to learning from experiences in, spreading awareness for, and impacting the neurodiverse community and beyond. For years, she has witnessed how neurodiversity affects everyone and the interconnection and similarity that neurodiverse and neurotypical are just like you and me! Attempting a bit of various activities, JenNi develops and constantly re-searches for its interests/passions, which incessantly shift.


Vivian Shen


Vivian joined NDA to spread awareness about neurodiversity and create a better society for neurodivergent people. She hopes to make a positive impact on the world and the people around her. In her free time, Vivian enjoys reading, playing cello, and folding origami. Vivian is excited to work with NDA to help make the community a more accepting place for everyone.

20221203_163022 - Kaylee Condon.jpg

Kaylee Condon


Kaylee joined Neurodiversity Ambassadors not only because she herself is neurodiverse (she has ADHD, OCD, and also falls on the autistic spectrum), but also because she loves helping others and wants to make this world a better place for all people, especially the neurodiverse! Kaylee's favorite color is yellow because it reminds her of sunshine! She is also a total bookworm and hopes to someday own her own library (Which is at least 100 books, but the goal is 1,000). 

E1483605-318C-497E-8B0E-2DA896658A04 - Hasini Namburi.jpeg

Hasini Namburi


Boosting moods and spreading altruistic aura with friends, family or mere acquaintances has been an undying pleasure for Hasini. Since a little child, Hasini has loved to be lost in pleasant and exciting conversations with everybody she meets. She loves to paint and dance as she believes they are methods of expressing oneself and losing bad energy. Hasini has moved from India last year and recognizes the difficulties that one might face in their life. Hasini is pleased that she is provided with an opportunity of giving back to the community through something she has always loved to do. Awareness and equality for neurodiverse people is something that she wants to propagate through this platform.

Untitled220_20230626193303 - Raina Prasad.jpeg

Raina Prasad


Raina has been traveling since she was young and has lived in three countries, so she loves to explore and learn about people. She enjoys singing, violin, painting, drawing and writing, and hopes to travel a lot in the future. Raina believes that it is really important to empathize with all people and is really excited about being able to spread awareness and acceptance of neurodiversity through this platform!

4153382D-56DF-4DDD-9AD2-B79143291543 - Clara Kim.jpeg

Clara Seoyoung Kim


Clara lives in Seoul, South Korea who goes to Korea Kent Foreign School. She likes to travel around the world and likes to watch youtube or movie in her free time. She believes that spreading awareness for the cause of neurodiversity is important.

IMG_2529 - Arnav Patel.jpeg

Arnav Patel

General Member

This cause is really deeply connected with me because my moms best friends friends daughter who we often hang out with is on the spectrum and I personally used to enjoy caring and watching over her. I have always had a desire and satisfaction associated with helping people which Is what I hope to do here. In my free time I play video games, watch anime, read mangas or comics and like to read quite a bit. I love tennis, it's my favorite sport and watching it is fun too. I wish to help people who are in need of help because thats what I frankly enjoy.


Aviral Agastya

General Member

Aviral is outspoken and passionate about social equity, advocacy, policy, politics, life sciences, psychology, and public health—he wants to do his part in making the world a better place, socially and structurally. He joined NDA to aid in the effort of destigmatizing neurodiversity. Currently a Junior, Aviral also enjoys organizing, debate, reading, history, learning more about cultures, traveling, calligraphy, and writing.

IMG-20230628-WA0000 - Nabhanyu Bohra_edi

Nabhanyu Bohra

General Member

Hi, I am Nabhanyu Bohra a student at montgomery high school. I know how to code in more than two computer languages. I am really good at.problem solving and creative thinking. I like to sketch but not often.


Meet the Neurodiversity Ambassadors


Kyubi Kim


Kyubi is a college freshman in McGill University, studying nutritional sciences. She was the former vice president of NDA (korea chapter) from her senior year of highschool and managed the organization in Seoul with Hyeonyi. While joining, she felt the meaningfulness of this club, as there is great merit in learning about neurodiversity, and being a part a significant movement. In many aspects, she looks forward for NDA to grow larger and further become a notable non-profit organization.


Arturo Banegas Nieves


Arturo is an upcoming freshman in the Savannah College of Art and Design, where he will be studying architecture. He joined NDA as a member of the social media group in the NJ chapter. Since he heard of the club, from Nina, Arturo appreciated the attention it brings to the neurodiverse community. Arturo hopes that he can help NDA reach its full potential and increase awareness for neurodiversity across the country.

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